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The scenery is spectacular... the kind that restores the soul.

Come and enjoy yourself at a place we call home. Montana is a rare and special place. Our “Big Sky”, open land, majestic mountains and friendly people combine to make a dude ranch vacation unlike any vacation you’ve ever taken.

Reconnect With Nature, Family, & Friends

Dude ranching is much more than guest rooms and horses. It’s about families who open their homes to share the spirit of the West and the beauty of the wilderness. It takes you back to a simpler time when honesty, integrity, hard work and a strong spirit are a way of life.

You’ll reconnect with nature, family and friends. The world is a different place when you see it from the saddle. Good riding, good food and good friends rekindle your spirit. More than just a day full of activities, a dude ranch experience has the charm and comfort to make it the ultimate vacation.

When you book your vacation at our member ranches, you can be assured of genuine, western hospitality combined with the lodging industry’s latest standards.

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