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Montana Dude Ranch Dining

Feel the real pioneer spirit mirrored in your stay at a Montana dude ranch.

Prepare to Be Impressed

The meals at a Montana dude ranch aren’t just food, they are always a vacation highlight and you won’t be disappointed.

Guests frequently request recipes from our kitchens and rave about their dining experience. Each ranch has their own special flare, but while you may forget your diet, you won’t forget the meals!

Your appetite may surprise you! Start the day off right with a traditional hearty ranch breakfast that might include bacon, eggs, pancakes, and perhaps biscuits and gravy; or freshly baked pastries and muffins, fresh fruits, yogurt and homemade granola.

To recharge midday, lunches can range from delicious meals served on the deck to a sack lunch out on the trail. Lunch on the ranch is usually casual; from homemade soups, sandwiches, and salads to a Mexican buffet or pizza bar. Ranches are also known for their fantastic homemade cookies and desserts.

After a fun-filled day of horseback riding or other ranch activities, dinner is a time to swap stories and enjoy some camaraderie. Montana style meals are accompanied with homemade breads and desserts and a variety of fresh veggies and salads. Steak cook-outs, barbecues, chicken or fish are common and the dining experience can range from outdoor cook-outs and barbecues to upscale gourmet. Our ranches are happy to accommodate special diets – just inquire at specific ranches before you book!

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