Montana Dude Ranch Activities

Montana Dude Ranches offer a place to go where so little has changed.

Activities on a Montana Dude Ranch are Endless

Especially when we are so eager to share our home, the Treasure State, Montana’s Big Sky Country. One of our main goals is to fill your day with opportunity and wonder. On your Montana ranch vacation the days will never be long enough for all that you want to do or everywhere you want to go. Perhaps we can share a special stream to teach you fly-fishing, have a picnic, read a book, or just be in a place where there are no schedules. We’ll cater to your dreams and exceed your expectations; come visit us in Montana!

Horseback Riding

Montana Dude Ranch Horseback Riding ActivitiesRiding on a guest ranch should be your first priority. Every member ranch of the Montana Dude Ranchers’ Association is known for their outstanding horseback riding programs and must meet or exceed industry standards. Whether you are a beginner rider or an advanced horseman, our horseback riding opportunities are incredible. Our ranches teach horsemanship skills so that every rider comfortably enjoys their mount and enjoy the scenery. From short hour long rides to full day rides, working with cattle and doing ranch work, or joining a pack trip in the back country, the best way to see Montana is from the back of a horse!


Experience the opportunity to fish our native streams, rivers, and lakes. Perhaps combine a back country trip with fishing as your main goal. Many of our member ranches offer special guides and lessons, drift boat fishing, and even special programs for your young fishing enthusiasts.

Children’s Programs

Montana Dude Ranch Childrens ActivitiesMany ranches offer special programs and activities for children and teens. There are opportunities that complement your family’s schedules or lack thereof. Superb horseback riding programs geared to kids, outdoor crafts, adventure hikes, swimming, and endless time playing outdoors in the fresh air is what being a youngster on a ranch in Montana is all about.


While choosing a ranch, the location of the ranch and the terrain can play an important part of opportunities. Some of our ranches offer naturalist programs, providing information about the flora and resident wildlife. There may be bird watching or opportunities to learn to read animal tracks. How about a visit to Yellowstone National Park or Glacier National Park? Each ranch has their own secrets yet to be discovered.

Photo of Montana Dude Ranch hikersMany of our ranches host other activities that are made for your perfect adventure. There are ranches that set aside certain weeks for adults or singles, and also special family weeks. Be a part of photographic week, or special times with an artist. Always wanted to be a true cowgirl? Some ranches set aside specific weeks, for example they may host a Wild West Women Adventure. Learn how to track animals or identify birds of the Rocky Mountain region. Some ranches offer horseback pack-trips into wilderness areas, others offer 4 x4 trips, rafting, skeet shooting or interpretive tours.

Have you ever seen Montana in the fall? You can’t beat the sound of the aspen trees as their leaves shimmer in the autumn light. Join us for the fall foliage, wet your fly line in our fantastic waters and you’ll likely hear the elk bugling close by.

Let us know your dreams, and we’ll help you live them at a Montana Dude Ranch!

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