Montana Dude Ranch Accommodations

Promise of new vistas.

Life on the ranch should be anything but rough. Montana dude ranch accommodations are always clean and comfortable and member ranches are required to meet state health and safety requirements.

Ranch accommodations can vary from a rustic cabin by the river to rooms in a historic mountain lodge to elegantly appointed cabins with rock fireplaces. Comfy beds, charming western décor with modern conveniences and amenities are part of the experience. Most ranches offer private baths and daily maid service, but few have TV’s, phones or Internet connections in the rooms (although they might be available in the lodge). There are so many things to do on a ranch, you certainly won’t miss them! In fact, most people like to escape.

Ranch life also offers the great outdoors for quiet places to read, relax or catch up with loved ones. Wake up with a steaming cup of coffee on the swing on your cabin’s front porch, nap in a hammock, or relax by the water in a lounge chair. When you’re surrounded by such natural beauty, you’re able to slow down, breathe the fresh air, and reconnect.

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