Some Things Just Don’t Go Out of Style

We have been looking through our photo archives as we approach the 100th anniversary of dude-ranching at the Elkhorn Ranch!

Whether it is epic all-day rides, delicious meals cooked outdoors, or relaxing with family and friends in the breathtaking Montana wilderness– some things just dont go out of style.

Here is a 1963 view, climbing up Monument Mountain at 10,000 feet:

1963 View from Monument Mountain

Just as striking today!

Striking view from Monument Mountain

After riding all day, there is nothing better than a delicious, well-earned meal. Supper Ride has stood the test of time. Here is the chuck wagon setup back in 1968:

1968 Chuck Wagon Setup

And more recently with the same chuck wagon:

Nothing beats a chuckwagon set up!

Here is a shot of Cruse Black flipping pancakes at Elkhorn Ranch back in 1941. He always said, he had never been hired and never been fired.

1941 pancake flipping

We have kept up this mouth-watering tradition — griddle cooked pancakes are hard to beat.

Unbelievable meals in Big Sky Country

Nothing beats cooking over the fire

Throughout Montana, dude ranch guests are often found soaking up the beauty of its stunning landscapes— pictured here circa 1963:

1963 Relaxing

And again, during a recent summer:

Relax among friends

Lastly, here is a group from the early 60’s, taking a break in Big Sky Country to recharge and bond with family and friends.

Friends & Family Bonding

And another group in 2017:

Horseback riding in Montana

While there have been many changes in the world over the last 100 years, the heart of a Montana dude ranch experience is still centered around getting outside and experiencing all the photos for yourself. After all, there is a reason they call Montana “The Last Best Place!”

Written by Elkhorn Ranch

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