Giving Thanks

It’s November. Where did the time go? Most of our dude ranches are closed for the season, yet they are already preparing for the 2020 season. Some ranches are still in operation and welcoming guests throughout the year. This month includes a day for the special purpose of our country celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday. The […]

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Fossils, Flowers, and Fish – Oh My!

Montana has designated nine official state symbols, represented below, all promoted by school children, garden clubs, legislators, and others. These treasures are not necessarily unique to Montana, but each one has a distinctive story to tell about our much-loved state. Montana’s State Animal: Grizzly Bear The State Animal Project was launched in 1982 to impress […]

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Montana Dude Ranch in Autumn

Falling into a Montana Autumn Adventure

So, how’s your summer been so far? The calendar tells us that the season officially ends on September 22 and autumn arrives on September 23, leaving just a few days to enjoy our beautiful Montana summer. That being said, autumn is a glorious season here in Big Sky Country. As temperatures gradually fall to the […]

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Yellowstone National Park

The Mystique of Montana

Montana has been bestowed with nicknames such as Big Sky Country, The Last Best Place, God’s Country, and The Treasure State. All appropriate designations, and for all of us who live and work here, we agree. For those of you who don’t reside in the nation’s fourth largest state, a visit to Montana will instill […]

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Summer Lovin’ – A Working Ranch Vacation

Summer has arrived in full bloom in Montana. A diversity of wildflowers display a myriad of colors throughout the state; the skies are blue and dotted with puffy white clouds, rivers are flowing with cool, clear water, and the much-anticipated warm weather has finally arrived. Hundreds of guests from the United States and beyond are […]

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