Riding the Range

Western movies have long inspired folks worldwide to take a western ranch adventure vacation. Westerns date back to the early 20th century through the 1960’s and beyond. The films have commonly centered on the life the cowboys and cowgirls who ride the range to watch over their land and cattle. Although the “wild west” depicted […]

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Gems of Montana

Montana sapphires and Montana agates have shared honors as the state’s gemstones since 1969. A distinctive sapphire is mined here and is known as the “Yogo” Sapphire. This name refers to sapphires found in Yogo Gulch near Lewistown, MT. The first sapphires were discovered in Montana in 1865 in alluvium along the Missouri River about […]

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Rocky Mountain Front

Scenic Montana Drives and the Ranches along the Way

I’d like to share a quote which is written on the back of our Montana state map. “Montana’s nearly endless roads will lead you to some of the most special places in the world. The rivers, streams, mountains and plains you’ll find under our wide-open skies truly make Montana the Treasure State. We hope you’ll […]

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Lights, Camera, Action! Montana on the Big (and small) Screen

If you have seen movies such as “A River Runs Through It”, “The Horse Whisperer”, “Always” and more recently “The Revenant”, you have had a glimpse of the beauty of Montana.  Since the 1897 feature “The Tourist Train Leaving Livingston” Montana has been the backdrop for numerous productions including films, television movies and series as […]

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Montana Rolls Out the Welcome Mat June 1st

Montana will enter Phase II of COVID-19 on June 1. What does this mean for you? Let’s look at some facts and guidelines first. Montana has less hospitalized cases per capita in the USA with only 22 active cases (as of this writing). The number of cases is low, but the virus is still with […]

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Unlikely Discovery on a Montana Dude Ranch

A Montana dude ranch might not be the place you expect to find archaeological treasures, but there are pieces of Montana’s rich Native American history found on the property of one of our member ranches. These treasures remained untouched, or secret, for quite some time until discovered by Bill Jarrett in 1972. Bill was in […]

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