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Hope Amidst Uncertainty

I can think of no better way to begin this blog than with the Facebook post by one of our member ranches, Bonanza Creek Ranch:

Thank you to Bonanza Creek Ranch for the very comforting and inspiring words. With all of us either in quarantine, self-quarantine or honoring social distance, it’s a new world that most of us have never experienced. With the arrival of COVID-19, many businesses have shut down, events all over the world have been canceled, and here in Helena, Montana our restaurants, breweries, etc. are closed and local events have been cancelled. The silver lining is that the restaurants can offer carry-out dining. Like many of you, our stores are running out of items deemed to be most important to possess in this pandemic – all kinds of sanitizers and, for some reason, toilet paper.

You all know this; the same is happening in your cities, states and across the world. The tourism industry is being hit hard with the cancellation of flights, hotel and other accommodation reservations, car rentals, etc. When those industries suffer, so do the communities and businesses that support them.

I’d like to offer a glimmer of hope.

Don’t cancel your 2020 vacation plans – postpone them. This too shall pass and when it does, we’ll all be ready for some rest and relaxation, traveling, adventures, outdoor activities, visiting friends and family and all kinds of fun. If you can’t get out of town, do a staycation. Explore attractions, state parks and other areas of interest that are close to home.

Sweet Grass Ranch near Big Timber, Montana

Montana offers solace and adventure in many ways, and we hope that air travel, rental cars and other means of transportation as well as lodging will be readily available when the time comes to plan. Montana’s majestic, diverse landscapes will sooth your soul and offer a range of activities: pack trips, dude ranch vacations, hiking, swimming, fishing, boating, wildlife watching, mountain biking or just sitting of the shores of our many lakes and loving life.

I think we can all use some inspiration, so enjoy these images of this state we call home. Stay safe, and dream of things to come.

Sweet Grass Ranch

Sweet Grass Ranch

Georgetown Lake

Georgetown Lake

Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge

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